About Us

Planet Synergy is a leading provider of virtual assistant services to the property management industry. The company was founded in 2003 to provide information technology-based back office support services to small businesses, particularly the real estate sales market.

Planet Synergy's real estate clients transitioned from sales to property management between 2003 - 2006 due to the brewing subprime mortgage crisis and we were asked to support them through their migratory journeys. Although property management was uncharted waters for us, we rose to the challenge and the rest is history. Over the past 16 years we have built a stellar reputation as a premier provider of virtual assistant services to the property management industry.

Why Planet Synergy's Virtual Assistants?

Experience Matters

16 years' experience in Property Management Virtual Assistance (2006). Leading provider of Property Management VA services. Clients in 44 states, Canada and Bermuda. High client retention. Several 10+ years clients.

Our VAs are Our Employees

Our VAs are employees of our family-owned private corporation. We provide healthcare, paid vacation, sick leave, performance-based cash bonus and 401k-type benefits from day one. Our employee retention is very high.

Our VAs work from our Secure Data Center

Our VAs don't work from their homes. They work in our secure data center that's accessed only via biometric fingerprint reader. No cell phones/personal belongings allowed inside. Surveillance cameras throughout office. No way to copy/save data (USB ports blocked). No social media and external emails. Top rated Antivirus/malware/phishing software on network. Each PC is monitored by software. 100% licensed software products.

We Train. Not You

Our VAs are fully trained in leading property management software applications. 2 weeks of 1-on-1 classroom training and testing before assigning to clients.

Client-specific Training

We train our VAs to do things your way with custom procedure manuals, instructions and checklists.

No Learning Curve

Our VAs hit the ground running thanks to our rigorous training. We quickly become a seamless extension of your in-house staff, and enhance your productivity and efficiencies.

Dedicated VA or a Team of VAs

We can assign you one specific VA or a team. 90+% of our clients prefer our team approach. A team gives you 3-6 VAs trained in your procedures. You have no down time. When 1 VA is sick/on leave, the rest of the team works. Multiple trained VAs means fewer mistakes. Scale up is easy when your workload increases.

How To Start with us to Grow Your Business

Pick tasks you need the most help with from our list. We get the ball rolling with your first task. You add more when you are ready. Our team works U.S. night hours. Between your daytime in-house staff and ours you almost get 24/7 productivity. Your internal staff will be able to work on growing your business rather than playing catchup with backlogged tasks. No long term contracts. Just a 30-day notice .

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